Why Elsie?

I know what it’s like to feel trapped in your body unable to feel like yourself. I know what it’s like to try diet after diet and exercise regime after exercise regime without getting anywhere. I know what it’s like to have goals that seem untouchable.  I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and feel frustrated, discouraged, and unhappy.  I know what it’s like to have performance goals and not meet them.  I know what it’s liked to spend hours googling how to reach your goals, how to start, how to get motivated, how to stay motivated, etc. I know because I’ve been there. If you’re looking for help with your own journey, I can help.

Athletes I Have Worked With
Peter V: 
One of the key areas where Elsie adds value is in her coaching.  She has a wonderful way of working with people that brings out the best in each individual.  Really focusing on nutrition can be a significant lifestyle change and the support you receive can be a determining factor in success or failure.  I felt this is one area that Elsie was particularly strong:  knowing how best to lend support along the journey.  The results I’ve achieved are better than anything I’ve achieved in the past.”
Mel DM
Excerpt to describe work example.
Denise R:
In the past year or so I’ve given myself a pass on eating well (relationship Weight, you know?) Don’t get me wrong, I was still hitting the gym 5-6 days a week, but stopped caring about my nutrition. This January I decided I wanted to change that, and get back to feeling good and getting stronger. THIS is 3 months of consistency, hard work and determination. It has not been easy, at ALL. But this time around it felt different. I have gained more knowledge and have been given lots of support by my Nutrition coach Elsie Jahn. The road isn’t over but it feels good to see and feel the hard work. Nutrition is harder than working out you guys.

Contact Elsie
Elsie Jahn
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