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“I am a 55+ women who, over the years developed several poor eating habits and had tried unsuccessfully to break them. Binging, night time snacking, mindless eating with no self control. I exercised relentlessly but wasn’t progressing for any of my goals. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose but was unhappy with my eating habits and gym workouts. -

I signed up with Elsie and prepared for being hungry, and potentially unhappy. That was how I felt with every program I every tried before and expected it again. I bought a weight scale (I seldom weighed myself before), took pictures (this was new) and started to track food, sleep, exercise, water etc. -

The first few weeks were a huge learning curve to figure out how to meet my macros, checking in, drinking my water, and with Elsie making adjustments as I went. The best part was I wasn’t hungry, and I wasn’t unhappy. My weight went down, energy went up, I hit some personal bests in the gym, and I felt fabulous. I continued tracking, learned how to eat out, and trusted Elsie and the process. And, I didn’t have to give up wine, or treats. I made them fit my macros. -

Elsie was there for me every step of the way and she truly believed in me, which made me believe in myself. I could not of done this with out Elsie’s coaching. I went below my weight goal and did not lose muscle. I have continued to make progress (even through the holidays) and will continue to track. -

Signing up with Elsie was the best gift I could of ever given myself. I am blessed to have found her, and her coaching. “

Tammy St. Aubin

I am very pleased to have found Elsie as a personal trainer! Her professionalism and dedication to her area of expertise shines through during your training session with her. Not only does she have a natural ability of putting you at ease with your exercise program, but her commendation during your session also adds to the experience in a positive way!

Her instructions are clear; her follow-through in explaining your new routine refreshing. She is tenacious in making sure you are getting it correctly, which is reassuring!

I look forward with anticipation to our next training session together, seeing as she has allowed me to push myself further than I thought was possible for me! Thank you Elsie for all of your help in setting new goal for myself!


I was lucky enough to meet Elsie one night while working out at the gym. She offered to help me as a trainer because I felt a little bit lost when I decided to get myself into shape again.

I had previously gained a lot of weight and felt uncomfortable with myself and others around me while trying to lose it.

She helped me to see things differently and working together haven't looked back.

In the first three months working with her once a week I managed to lose over 20 lbs. Every week she provides me with new challenges and continues to show me that I'm capable of so much more than I ever thought I would be.

l have come a long way in such a small amount of time and without Elsie's help I fear I may have given up a long time ago. I look forward to our work outs and continue to work with her on a weekly basis.

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